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Emails are an important part of an efficient workplace. They facilitate quick communication between teams and allow leaders to distribute company content easily to employees and clients. But, emails tend to consume a lot of our time and at times, lead to conflict and confusion. Many of us fail to respond to emails on time or tend to miss them. Managing bursting inboxes isn’t an easy task!

Here are a few email management tips to help you improve the way you use your email accounts:

  • Easily Access Multiple Accounts

    Don’t waste your time switching between multiple email accounts on different sites. Instead, choose your email provider from the options mentioned above and access multiple accounts conveniently.

  • Stay Organized

    Instead of searching for an old email by scrolling through multiple pages, sort your emails out into different folders. This will require an initial investment of time, but it will benefit you in the long run. Once you’ve created these folders, ensure that you use them to categorize every email. This way, you can easily locate your emails when needed.

  • The 5-minute Rule:

    Avoid spending more than 5 minutes on an email. Try and respond to emails at the soonest, but don’t drop other work to do so. This will allow you to focus on your work while preventing your inboxes from getting too full.

  • Set Aside Time To Respond To Emails:

    If you decide to postpone emails until later, it is important to set aside some time to respond to those. Allotting a specific time might be challenging, but it helps you manage your unread emails more efficiently.

  • Use Separate Accounts For Separate Purposes:

    One account for professional work and another for social activities; it is good to have different email accounts for different purposes. This allows you to check important work emails, without missing them.

  • Create Standard Responses:

    If you find yourself responding with similar answers to many people, you could compose a draft and save it in your drafts folder. This can be used as a standard response for similar emails. You can also personalize them by addressing it to the person concerned.

  • Don’t Ignore The Basics Of The English Language:

    Don’t use text message language to respond to an email just to save time. If you feel like you might not be able to respond efficiently, wait until you have the time to do so. Keep your emails brief, but don’t ignore the basic use of spelling and grammar.

With these management tips, you can now bring your unread emails down to zero and increase your productivity.