Emails are used by all of us for different types of conversations.

The first step towards managing your email response rate is to know which emails are important and need an immediate response and which can be deleted.

For specific types of actions, emails are grouped into the following 6 categories:


Respond on the same day

If urgent, reply immediately. If important, reply by the end of the day.


Respond at a later date

To reply to such emails, it is advised to schedule a time in the future on your calendar.


Response is optional

These emails need no response, but it would be considered nice to reply.


No response needed

These emails are not so important and can be archived or deleted.


Read in spare time

Such emails can be moved to a separate folder and read in your spare time.


File into folders

Travel arrangements, copies of important documents, receipts and others need to be sorted into separate folders for easier access.

Now that you know how to categorize the emails in your inbox, access them easily and improve your email response rate today!